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One of the most entertaining parts of the Pokemon anime was when the "Who's that Pokemon?" segment came across the screen during commercial breaks. Were you the kid who knew every Pokemon when this segment aired, or did you have to wait for the Pokemon's identity to be revealed? If we had to guess, it's probably the latter, but prove us wrong by acing this quiz. 

It's hard for anyone to lay claim to being a true Pokemon fan without proving their immense knowledge of all the Pokemon encountered throughout the Pokemon World. That's the point of the journey for any trainer, after all, including Ash and his friends in the anime. Sure, it's fun to capture badges, but a trainer's journey will never be complete without filling out every entry in the Pokedex. 

Now, it's time to find out if you every really finished the game or if you just put it down when the Final Four were defeated. You'll have to identify some pretty rare Pokemon, though, so you'd better be up for the challenge before you begin. Otherwise, those legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region just might be your downfall. 

It's time. Get started and show the world that you're really a Pokemon master. 

Do you recognize this scary yet comical Pokemon from Generation I?

During the anime, Ash runs into a Gengar in the episode "The Tower of Terror." The Gengar he finds tries to entertain him by performing standup routines, but the attempts fail to amuse Ash.


This oversized toad is called what?

Venusaur is the top evolve form of Bulbasaur, one of the original starter Pokemon in Red and Blue. Ivysaur is the middle evolve form, giving the grass and poison type Pokemon a three set evolution.


How well do you know this Pokemon that Ash catches in the Hoenn region?

Though Treecko typically lives in captivity, it can be found making a nest in giant trees located throughout the forest. It's extremely protective of its home and will run off any predator that threatens a tree it inhabits.


Recognized by its thick skin and powerful attacks, who is this?

Tyranitar made its first appearance in the Pokemon movie "Celebi: The Voice of the Forest." In the movie, Tyranitar is turned dark by the Iron Masked Marauder, who uses the powerful Pokemon as he tries to capture Celebi.


Are you able to identify this Pokemon who started a squad of firefighters?

The Squirtle Squad first appeared in the anime as a gang of Squirtle who were bent on causing trouble for travelers. However, Ash makes friends with the leader of the squad, who agrees to join their team after an encounter with Team Rocket.


You'd better have some powerful water attacks if you want to defeat which Pokemon shown here?

Magmar is the strongest Pokemon used by Blaine, the Cinnabar Island Gym Leader. A master with fire type Pokemon, Blaine gives the Volcano Badge to any trainer who is good enough to defeat him.


Are you familiar with this new evolution given to Electabuzz in Generation IV?

Electivire is loaded with powerful electricity from head to toe. This electricity can be administered on foes from the tips of its tails, where it releases attacks ranging over 20,000 volts.


You probably remember which Pokemon shown here for its powerful water attacks?

Gyarados is the evolve form of Magikarp, one of the weakest Pokemon in the game. However, for trainers willing to take the time to train and evolve a Magikarp, they will end up with a Pokemon capable of destroying entire cities with its rage.


What's the name of this prized Pokemon used by Brock in the Kanto region?

Onix is a massive rock type Pokemon that is actually the tallest of its type. They can be found in caves and mountains, where it will dig tunnels underground, causing tremors that resemble an earthquake.


Is this single evolution Pokemon familiar to you?

Introduced in Generation III, Absol does not originally have an evolve form. However, in Generation VI, Absol is given a mega evolve form, which can only be reached by equipping an Absolite.


Which starter from Generation IV do you see here?

Like many other fire type Pokemon, Chimchar has a flame for a tail. This flame is powered by gases in its belly and can't go out even if it's raining, but Chimchar will extinguish the flame when it goes to sleep.


Have you watched enough Pokemon to recognize this Generation III starter?

On his journey through the Hoenn region, Brock obtains a Mudkip from a Pokemon breeder named Old Man Swamp. Brock befriends the Mudkip after saving it from Team Rocket during one of their many plots to steal strong Pokemon.


Do you remember the name of this Pokemon known for blocking roads?

In Pokemon Red and Blue, Snorlax can only be found sleeping on various routes, where it blocks the path to the next town. This Pokemon will awakened if you use a Poke Flute, but be careful when it wakes because it's ready to attack.


This ground type Pokemon is called what?

When in danger, Donphan curls up like a wheel and rolls around violently, smashing anything in its way. In fact, it moves around with such force in this position that it has the ability to knock down a house.


Can you identify this Pokemon who was well known for giving Ash trouble in the anime?

Charizard has always been one of the most powerful Pokemon in the franchise, utilizing both fire and dragon type moves in battle. Charizard's potential was even recognized when it was featured on the cover of one of the first Pokemon games, Pokemon Red.


One of the strongest electric Pokemon in the Hoenn region, who's this Pokemon?

According to the Ruby Pokedex, Manectric struggles to contains its own electricity, as electric charges constantly spew from its mane. This electricity is so powerful that it creates thunderclouds during battle.


Can you name this desert dweller who prefers to hang out in groups?

Unlike hippos in real life, Hippopotas never goes near the water, as it prefers bathing in the sand instead. This sand is expelled from its body like sweat as well, protecting the ground type Pokemon from germs.


Based on stats, this might be the strongest Pokemon ever. Do you know what it is?

Slaking is a lazy Pokemon who mainly lays around and sleeps while storing energy. This laziness extends to battle, as Slaking can only attack opponents every other turn, but these attacks are extremely damaging.


Considered one of the fastest Pokemon around, who is this?

Ash utilizes the incredible speed of a Rapidash to win the Big P Pokemon Race in the episode "The Flame Pokemon-athon!" Ash started the race on a Ponyta before it evolved into a Rapidash just before the end of the race.


This Pokemon might just be the star of the franchise. Who is it?

No Pikachu, and maybe no Pokemon, is as famous as the one that belongs to Ash Ketchum in the anime. Ash's Pikachu is not only a fan favorite, though, as it is also extremely powerful, often defeating opponents that are considered much stronger.


Eevee has several evolve forms included which from Generation II depicted in this image?

Gary, who is Ash's main rival, carries around an Umbreon as one of his prized Pokemon. He raised the Umbreon from the time it was an Eevee, evolving it sometime between his journey from the Kanto region to the Johto region.


Are you able to identify this timid yet strong Pokemon?

Victini has been gifted with many unique attributes like invisibility and the ability to learn Searing Shot, a move no other Pokemon can learn. However, one of its greatest attributes is that it can share part of its infinite amount of energy with other people simply by touching them.


What do you call this Pokemon used by Flannery in Ruby and Sapphire?

When Flannery first appears in the anime, she carries around two Slugma named Meg and Mag. Mag, however, evolves into a Magcargo after an encounter with Team Rocket, who tried to steal another Pokemon Flannery had, Torkoal.


Which fairy type Pokemon known for putting people to sleep is this?

Jigglypuff has a pair of eyes that will easily mesmerize anyone who crosses its path. However, once Jigglypuff captures your attention, it sings a melody that will put anyone to sleep.


This combo-type Pokemon is known by what name?

Giratina made its first appearance in the Pokemon movie titled "Giratina and the Sky Warrior." In the movie, the Reverse World is introduced as a new universe and as the home of Giratina.


Are you familiar with this legendary Pokemon that Ash sees when he starts his journey?

Since the beginning of the anime, Ho-Oh has been an inspiration for Ash as he journeys across the Pokemon world. It even helped Ash get over his loss in the Silver Conference when he set his sights on his next adventure in the Hoenn region.


Who is this Pokemon used by Jessie in the anime?

Seviper has a poisonous bite that can be lethal against opponents in a battle. The bite is commonly used to defend against encounters with Zangoose, a Pokemon that it has been feuding with for generations.


What's the name of this starter Pokemon from the Gold and Silver games?

Like other starter Pokemon, Totodile is the first of three evolutions, with the others being Croconaw and Feraligatr. However, Totodile has a unique evolution pattern, as it evolves at level 18 and again at level 30.


Have you gone through your Pokedex enough to know the name of this Pokemon?

If you watch horror movies, you know just how creepy Freddy Krueger can be when he infiltrates your dreams, but Hypno might just rival the nightmare serial killer. Hypno won't kill you, though, but instead, it will just feed on your dreams.


Can you name this Pokemon who's easily angered by just a glance of eye contact?

An encounter with Primeape always ends up being more than one could ask for. If you need evidence, look no further than the episode "Primeape Goes Bananas," where a Mankey steals Ash's hat before evolving into a Primeape, causing even more trouble.


Do you recognize this four armed monster who will smash your entire team?

Machamp is characterized by its four powerful arms, which are said to be strong enough to lift mountains. These arms provide it with plenty of techniques during a fight, as it throws ceaseless punches and chops.


How familiar are you with this legendary Pokemon?

After being born from Mew, Mewtwo was captured and used in a science experiment involving gene splicing. This experiment gave Mewtwo immense power, but it also made it very cruel to both humans and Pokemon.


You might recognize which Pokemon shown here as a Legendary beasts in the Johto region?

After the burning of the Brass Tower, Entei was resurrected by Ho-Oh along with Raikou and Suicune. A fire type Pokemon, Entei is believed to cause the eruption of volcanoes anytime it barks.


What's the name of this final form Pokemon?

Exploud has tubes that cover its body, which it uses to pull in air before launching a vocal attack. When it does launch one of these bellowing moves, they are so loud that earthquakes result.


Does this lethal kicking machine have a face you recognize?

Hitmontop spins at such high speeds that it moves faster while spinning than it does walking. If the Pokemon remains in one place while spinning, it will drill a hole into the ground.


Can you identify this Pokemon who appears on the cover of Pokemon X?

Xerneas can change the way it looks by shifting between Active Mode and Neutral Mode. Despite its mode, the body of the Pokemon remains black, and it keeps its tail along with a blue stripe down its back.


Few trainers want to go up against which dragon type Pokemon shown here when they face Lance in the Elite Four tournament?

Though it lacks an athletic build, Dragonite is one of the fastest Pokemon when it takes to the sky. This dragon type is actually so fast in the air that it travels faster than the speed of sound.


Do you know the name of this powerful pseudo legendary Pokemon?

Metagross is a unique type combination of steel and psychic. Its psychic powers are fueled by its four brains, which come together when two Metangs fuse, giving it a brain as powerful as a supercomputer.


You'll want a master ball if you intend on catching which Pokemon in this image?

Groudon is one of two Pokemon capable of Primal Reversion, which was introduced in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This transformation gives a Pokemon the ability to harness the energy of nature to unleash its true powers.


Is this fighting type Pokemon familiar to you?

Evident by the pillars it carries, Conkeldurr has the ability to create concrete. The Pokemon taught this ability to humans over 2,000 years ago and can even be found helping workers around construction sites like in the episode "Genesect and the Legend Awakened."


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