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Since 1977, Star Wars has been one of the biggest science-fiction film franchises ever. Fans fell in love with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia as they fought the biggest, baddest villain of all, Darth Vader. Audiences were dazzled watching X-Wings and TIE fighters swoop through space and the Death Star explode — not just once, but twice!

Fans might have been satisfied if George Lucas had stuck to his original statement that he was finished with Star Wars. After all, he'd delivered a classic trilogy with a satisfying story arc. But the Star Wars universe was too vast to leave new stories untold, so fans got first the prequel trilogy in the early 2000s and then the sequel trilogy, which is still unfolding. 

Now, fans can endlessly debate the merits of each of these three trilogies. (And if you hang out with them long enough, you'll hear plenty!) But there's no doubt that Star Wars fans are among the most passionate of any fan base. And if you count yourself as one of them, you'll definitely be able to identify these characters with ease, feeling the Force flowing through you as you select the correct answers. So proceed, young padawan. And may the Force be with you.

She is adopted as a baby. Her home planet is blown up. She calls Han a "scruffy nerf herder." Can you name this character?

She's Princess Leia Organa, devoted leader of the Rebel Alliance! She provides sassy girl power in the original trilogy and appears in the latest films, "The Force Awakens" and "The Last Jedi."


He has a purple lightsaber. He serves on the Jedi High Council, and he dies while trying to defeat Sidious. Who is he?

As portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, Mace Windu is the serious, no-nonsense Jedi Master who doesn't trust Palpatine. And he's had it with these [bleep] Sith Lords in his [bleep] galaxy!


He lives in a swamp on Dagobah. He levitates Luke's X-Wing. He lives to be 900 years old. Who is this character?

The wizened old Yoda looks like a harmless Muppet, but don't underestimate his incredible abilities thanks to the Force! You can also count on him for the memorable lines he uses on Luke.


He hates trudging through the sand on Tatooine. He can speak more than 6 million languages. He can calculate the odds of survival in any situation. What's his name?

The fastidious protocol droid tends to aggravate his companions in stressful situations, but he's gotten them out of a jam or two. He and R2-D2 also make an unforgettable droid duo.


He is cloned from his bounty hunter "dad." He wears Mandalorian armor. He's swallowed by a sarlacc. Who is this infamous bounty hunter?

Boba Fett became a fan favorite even before his film debut, first appearing in the infamous "Star Wars Holiday Special." The ruthless bounty hunter with all the cool gadgets radiates attitude!


He grows up on Corellia. He fries Greedo in a Mos Eisley cantina. He can speak a little Shyriiwook. What's his name?

Scoundrel. Scruffy-looking nerf herder. Han Solo's been called a name or two, but there's no tougher smuggler turned rebel general in the galaxy! Also, fans know he shot Greedo first.


He's a hotshot pilot for the Resistance. He befriends a former stormtrooper. He mutinies against Admiral Holdo. What's his name?

Poe Dameron's kind of the new Han Solo for the latest trilogy: cocky, sarcastic and doesn't take orders from anyone. But he's fully behind the Resistance in standing up to the First Order.


He raises Jyn Erso. He leads the Partisans. He uses an oxygen respirator. Can you name this character?

Played by Forest Whitaker, Saw Gerrera leads the Partisans, an extremist faction of the Rebellion. And like another famous Star Wars character, he relies on machines to keep him running.


She's Luke's surrogate mom. She works on a moisture farm. She wants a droid that speaks Bocce. Who is this character?

Aunt Beru, Owen Lars' wife, raises Luke from infancy on the harsh desert world of Tatooine. And when she's not serving blue milk at meals, she's mediating between her husband and nephew.


She's a scavenger on Jakku. She wishes her parents would return. She brings Luke his lightsaber on Ahch-To. Who is she?

Rey's the heroine of the new Star Wars trilogy, a model for aspiring Jedi. The scavenger girl with the mysterious past hurtles headlong into the center of the fight against the First Order.


She has purple hair. She's old friends with Leia. She flies her ship into an enemy flagship at light speed. Can you name this character?

Vice Admiral Holdo, portrayed by Laura Dern, serves as a leader of the Resistance, despite some resistance from her own people (cough, cough, Poe). Her sacrifice shocked audiences.


He's a Toydarian junk dealer. He bets on pod races. He enslaves a mother and son. Who is he?

With his little wings, Watto hovers over the dusty Tatooine ground like an annoying gnat. The unpleasant junk dealer owns Shmi and Anakin Skywalker but loses the boy in a bet with Qui-Gon.


She's a Twi-lek dancer. She defies Jabba the Hutt. She falls into the rancor's pit. Who is this character?

The green-skinned Twi-lek slave dancer had the unfortunate fate of ending up at Jabba the Hutt's palace. No one will forget her blood-curdling screams when she came face-to-face with the rancor.


She wears a long white robe. She recruits Jyn Erso to steal the Death Star plans. She describes the mission to destroy the second Death Star. Who is she?

Mon Mothma leads the Rebel Alliance, appearing in both "Return of the Jedi" and "Rogue One." It's hard to forget her solemnity when she announces that "many Bothans died" delivering a message.


He bullseyes womp rats in his T-16. He wants to pick up power converters at Tosche Station. His call sign is Red Five. Who is he?

Luke undergoes the classic hero's journey in the original trilogy, transforming from a naive farm boy to a seasoned Jedi Knight. His story wraps up in "The Last Jedi." You may need a hankie.


His home planet is Kashyyyk. He uses a bowcaster. He doesn't get a medal at the awards ceremony. Who is this fellow?

Peter Mayhew said in interviews that he got the part of Chewbacca when he stood up to greet the filmmakers. The 7 foot 2 actor brought warmth, gentleness and humor to the gigantic Wookiee.


His first name is Sheev. He's a senator of Naboo. He uses force lightning on Luke. Who is this guy?

In the prequel trilogy, Palpatine seems like a nice enough guy at first, slowly gaining power. By the time he seduces Anakin Skywalker to the dark side, it's too late for anyone to stop him.


He's a grand moff. Leia recognizes his "foul stench" when she's brought on the Death Star. He orders the destruction of Alderaan. Who is he?

Tarkin represents the cold cruelty of the Empire, calmly explaining his reasons for destroying Leia's home planet. It's hard to believe the actor Peter Cushing wore slippers during shooting!


He's an admiral for the Imperial Navy. He mocks Darth Vader's "sorcerer's ways." Vader force-chokes him. Who is this man?

Motti is so smug and smarmy when he mocks Darth Vader's belief in the Force that audiences are glad when Vader cuts off his oxygen for a bit. We, too, find his lack of faith disturbing.


He's a rebel pilot. He survives the attacks on both Death Stars. He takes down an AT-AT on Hoth. Who is he?

Played by Denis Lawson, Wedge Antilles is one of the most valuable Rebel pilots. He saves Luke during the attack on the first Death Star and helps destroy the second Death Star, too.


He's a Gungan. He's very accident-prone. He argues for giving Palpatine emergency powers. Who is this character?

Jar Jar Binks gets a lot of hate, but the clumsy Gungan was intended to entertain the kiddies in "The Phantom Menace." Weesa noticed his role got smaller in the next two films, and that's okee-day!


He reluctantly trains Anakin Skywalker. He's Princess Leia's only hope. He cuts off Ponda Baba's arm. Who is he?

Played by Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor, Obi-Wan Kenobi is the glue that binds the prequel and classic trilogies together. He gives us chills when he says, "The Force will be with you, always."


He strangles Captain Antilles. He freezes Han Solo in carbonite. He has twin children. Can you name this character?

There are not many people you can identify just by the sound of their breathing, but Darth Vader's one of them. He's the deliciously menacing villain who also has a bittersweet redemption in the end.


He's from Coruscant. He has long hair. He measures Anakin's midi-chlorians. Who is this Jedi?

Qui-Gon Jinn, played by Liam Neeson, is dead set on training Anakin to be a Jedi, confident that he's the Chosen One. And maybe Anakin is, but his Jedi career has a few rough patches.


She's captured at a Corellian spaceport. She becomes a lieutenant for Crimson Dawn. She kisses Han in Lando's cape closet. Who is she?

Han Solo's childhood sweetheart, Qi'ra tragically takes a dark path when she's forced into Crimson Dawn in "Solo." Their brief reunion is bittersweet, because we know it can't last ...


She has a baby through the Force. She marries Cliegg Lars. She's killed by Sand People. Who is this character?

Anakin slides closer to the dark side when he witnesses his mother's death and avenges her ⁠— mercilessly. It's all the more tragic when you realize that he last saw her as a little boy.


His boss calls him FN-2187. He crashes a stolen TIE fighter on Jakku. He rides a Fathier on Canto Bight. Can you name this character?

His "boss," Captain Phasma, may have once called Finn FN-2187, but now it's traitor. The stormtrooper defects in "The Force Awakens" and joins the Resistance. Will he end up with Rose or Rey?


He co-pilots with Cassian Andor. He's originally an Imperial security droid. He's destroyed on Scarif. What's his name?

Appearing in "Rogue One," K-2SO is one of the funniest, most sardonic droids we've met. Alan Tudyk had to wear stilts while portraying the droid in motion capture, but his efforts paid off!


He loses his ship in a sabacc game. He runs Cloud City. He learns not to make deals with Darth Vader. Who is this guy?

Lando may always be remembered as the guy who betrayed his friend, Han Solo. But he redeems himself by joining the Rebellion and rescuing Han from Jabba. And he promises not to scratch the "Falcon"!


He has a gross, slimy tongue. He employs Bib Fortuna. He has a pet monkey-lizard. Who is this vile creature?

Despite being a disgusting, bloated slug, Jabba the Hutt is one of the most feared crime lords in the galaxy! So it's more than a little satisfying when Leia wraps her chain around his neck ...


He's a scout on the forest moon of Endor. He eats one of Leia's ration bars. He helps the rebels disable the shield generator. Who is he?

Wicket is a young Ewok, and we'll go ahead and say it: He's so cute! The way he toddles along like a living teddy bear ... And let's give credit where it's due; the Ewoks help save the day!


He's a bounty hunter from Rodia. He works for Jabba the Hutt. He has a fateful encounter with Han Solo in a cantina. Can you name him?

Jabba may have only sent Greedo to collect his money from Han, but Greedo had other ideas. But in short order, Greedo's slumped on the table and Han's flipping the bartender some coins.


He's a Mon Calamari. He resembles seafood. And he yells, "It's a trap!" Who is he?

Admiral Gial Ackbar will always be best remembered for that particular line. Fans were happy to see him return in Episodes VII and VIII, although shocked by his abrupt departure.


He has a raspy cough. He can fight with four lightsabers at once. Obi-Wan defeats him on Utapau. Who is this character?

It was undeniably cool when General Grievous' arms split apart, allowing him to wield four lightsabers. The DVD commentary revealed that George Lucas, who had bronchitis, provided the coughing sounds.


He's Darth Vader's grandson. He kills his father. And he has a beef with Luke Skywalker. What's his name?

Much of Kylo Ren's backstory is still shrouded in secrecy, but we do know how much he seems to idolize his grandfather, Darth Vader. Um, hello? Can't he try to emulate his parents or uncle instead?


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