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Superheroes have fascinated comic book lovers and film buffs for decades, and this fascination is not about to stop. Not only do we get to see awesome villains take on the most outlandish goals, but we also get to see superhumans defeat those villains. The bigger the villain, the better. And the bigger the hero, even better than that! We are fascinated by these characters because they are superhuman, yet they still make mistakes. Additionally, they learn and grow and apply their knowledge ... and they even struggle sometimes. Many of these characters are flawed in ways that remind us that no one is perfect, but how we react can be perfect.

Though DC and Marvel comics seem to have the market on superheroes, we still see some independent companies pop up every once in a while, and you're going to see some of them in this quiz. If you're a fan of superheroes and superhero movies, this quiz is going to give you the opportunity to boast of your super knowledge. We're going to give you three hints, let's see if you can guess who we're talking about ... just remember, not every superhero has a name that ends in "-man," but they're all bigger than a bread box (except AntMan, of course).

She can change the weather, has white hair and is friends with professor X. Who is she?

Storm is one of those characters who is incredibly powerful and necessary to plot lines within both the comic books and movies. However, her character is often downplayed and she is often used as a tool, rather than gaining character development.


He likes the bow and arrow, wears a hood and was stranded on an island. Do you know who he is?

The Green Arrow began his journey as a spoiled and self-centered person who pretty much had it all. A wild change of events in his life (getting stranded on an island) changed everything for him, and he became one of DC's most memorable characters (if you don't include Batman or Superman).


He was the first Avenger, was frozen for a while and wears red, white and blue. Who is he?

While it's hard to imagine anyone else in the role, Chris Evans turned down the role multiple times. He says that he was reluctant to take on such a big task — superheroes do make a lot of movies!


Do you know which superhero was summoned by Nazis, loves a lady who spontaneously combusts and has horns?

Hellboy was brought into this world by Nazis, but he doesn't let that stop him. For the most part, people treat him as though he's a monster, and his attitude doesn't help his image very much.


This antihero has the power to regenerate, was a government experiment and has a bad attitude. Do you know who we're talking about?

If you haven't read the comic books or watched his origin story, you might not realize that Wolverine's superpower isn't having knives come out of his knuckles. As a matter of fact, his superpower is regeneration, which made it possible to turn his claws into knives.


She has three fantastic friends, is see-through and can create force fields. Do you know her name?

Sue Storm (AKA The Invisible Woman) is a well-known member of The Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, many fans consider her character a little one-note, as the majority of her storylines revolve around her dealing with unwanted suitors.


Do you know which superhero comes from an island, has a lasso and is as powerful as Superman?

Wonder Woman's backstory is centered around Greek mythology. Additionally, she's a member of the Justice League and gives her male friends (Batman and Superman) a run for their money.


Can you name the superhero who has a powerful suit, can change sizes and has a young daughter?

AntMan has a suit that gives him the ability to control ants and change sizes. He doesn't just shrink to the size of an ant either. He can become a giant, which becomes helpful in the Avengers movies.


Would you be able to recognize the superhero who wears a ring, is courageous and is a member of a Corps?

Though many of us remember the movie that starred Ryan Reynolds, most comic book lovers know the Green Lantern as a creative superhero who is highly underrated. He can create objects to help him fight his enemies.


Which superhero has a dirty mouth, breaks the fourth wall in his movies and can regenerate missing limbs?

For adults, the Deadpool movies and comic books deliver a little more edge, which is what some are looking for in superheroes these days. No one is perfect, and watching Deadpool makes us realize that even people with potty mouths can be good sometimes.


Which superhero can control people's minds, has a thing for Vision and can harness energy?

In the comic books, The Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver are supervillains, and they're mainly found in the "X-Men" comics. Though her naughty nature was portrayed in the MCU movies, her work with The Avengers was important for the films.


This character, one of the youngest superheroes out there, is incredibly intelligent and lives with his aunt and uncle. Do you know who we're talking about?

While Spiderman has been re-imagined several times over the last few decades, fans have noticed that his story needs to adapt and attach onto others in order to really give him the development he deserves (much like The Incredible Hulk).


Do you know who came from a rich family, made a suit that does interesting things and tries to live up to his dad's image?

The first movie released to mention the Avengers initiative was "Iron Man" all the way back in 2008. The character and the way the film was made attracted an audience who had no idea who this character was.


He runs hot, can fly and was played by Chris Evans. Who is he?

One of the main reasons that Chris Evans didn't want to play Captain America was the fact that he played Johnny Storm, A.K.A. the Human Torch in the "Fantastic Four" movies from the early 2000s.


Do you know which DC superhero adds a little comedy to the universe, can time travel and is a celebrity superhero?

Though many who don't read the comics don't really know who Booster Gold is, he is a pretty powerful character in the DC Justice League universe. More people will know him soon, however, because he is going to have a standalone movie in the future.


You wouldn't like him when he's angry, he has a scientist inside him and is known to smash. Can you name him?

Though many have tried, it was very difficult to get a standalone Hulk movie to take off. However, the character developed and evolved over time, giving him more than one dimension (which was "Hulk Smash").


This character is super fast, dabbles in time travel and wears red. Do you know who we're talking about?

The Flash is one of those characters who could be boring if written by the wrong people. However, the character has made quite the name for himself with a television show that has over 100 episodes.


Do you know which superhero is a genius, has a vibranium suit and was first seen in a "Fantastic Four" comic?

Black Panther was the first-ever black superhero in the comics. He was first seen in 1966 and has been in publications pretty consistently since then. The Wakanda native draws from powers from the previous Black Panthers and has superhuman characteristics that include speed and agility.


He is a sorcerer, lives in Greenwich Village and has a mustache. Can you name him?

Like a lot of superheroes who came into their abilities, Dr. Strange's character begins with an attitude and arrogance that is quickly shot down when something happens. In this case, he lost his ability to do his job properly.


Which superhero is a god, has a hammer and has a love-hate relationship with his brother?

While many fans love Thor, most agree that his first movie in the MCU was a little too dramatic. However, as his character evolved, so did our love for him. Seeing his relationship with his brother showed audiences that he wasn't one-dimensional.


This hero is orange, received his powers in space and has three friends helping him. Who is he?

The Thing is the character from the "Fantastic Four" comics (and movies) who received the worst physical transformation. Although he gained superhuman strength, his entire body turned to stone, it's not something he can hide.


Which avenger has no superhuman powers, is really good at what he does and was trained in the circus?

If you're a fan of the movies but haven't read the comics, you've probably noticed that Hawkeye's backstory doesn't really exist. He's not a superhuman, but he does have a lot of talent in archery, fencing and acrobatics.


This superhero is all about revenge, wears a skull on his shirt and has a very violent means of getting the job done. Do you know who we're talking about?

There have been several takes on The Punisher over the years, but one thing is clear: he is set on getting his revenge, and he will succeed. Though the character gets darker and darker with every re-imagining, audiences always want more.


His parents died when he was young, he inherited a fortune and he has to maintain a playboy facade to keep his cover. Do you know who he is?

Over the years, Batman has been played by several actors, including Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and Christain Bale, and he's brought in a lot of money. Overall, his films have brought in over two billion dollars.


Can you name the superhero who is a blind lawyer and also a great fighter?

Daredevil is one of the only superheroes that audiences have seen who has a disability. Though the character wasn't always blind, he does learn quite a bit about how to defend himself with the use of his other senses.


Who is the King of the Seven Seas, loves the ocean and is great in sea battles?

Aquaman is the defender of the seas and oceans and is a member of the royal family of Atlantis. He protects ocean life (including a world that humans don't know about). He can control marine life telepathically as well.


A little-known member of the Justice League, this superhero also comes from a different planet and can shapeshift. Do you know who he is?

Martain Manhunter was created by Joseph Samachson and has several abilities including psychokinesis, invisibility, telepathy and flight (just to name a few). He's very much like Superman when it comes to backstory, but he has a few more abilities.


This character struggles with substance abuse, is incredibly strong and has an arch-nemesis named Kilgrave. Do you know who we're talking about?

You probably recognize Jessica Jones from her Netflix series that is both dark and brutal. Her powers seem to haunt her as she attempts to learn more about her past while protecting her friends in the present.


Can you name the superhero who was created by Todd McFarlane, can teleport and is immortal?

Spawn is often thought of as one of the most complex and well-written comic book characters of all time (if you don't count that movie that was released in 1997). He is so dark, one might not even be able to consider him an antihero. He delivers harsh, unapologetic punishments to his enemies.


Can you name the superhero who is very bright, has her strong moral values crushed and is in "The Boys" series?

Annie January, A.K.A. Starlight, learns the hard way that not all superheroes are super people. She gets attacked by one of the superheroes and has to learn to play by their rules in order to actually save people.


Do you know which DC character is a magician, a fighter of demons and wears a trench coat?

Among other important roles that John Constantine plays in the DC universe, he is also the gatekeeper for the supernatural. He oftentimes is found fighting off demons and protecting the human race.


Which female superhero is the most powerful mutant known, is often controlled by Professor X and becomes a villain?

If you were a fan of the original "X-Men" film series, you probably watched as Jean Grey made her transition into the Dark Phoenix. The complexity of her character is apparent in any movie that includes her.


Which superhero isn't from Earth, wears glasses to disguise his identity and has perfect hair?

Though there have been many versions of Superman, we do know one thing: he has one of the worst disguises in superhero history. In an episode of "Lois and Clark," one of the villains even points that out.


Which superhero is big, blue and doesn't live in the physical realm?

Dr. Manhattan can be seen in the Watchmen comics. He is one of the most powerful superheroes ever created. After a nuclear physics experiment goes horribly wrong, Dr. Osterman gets telekinetic powers and can teleport.


Which incredibly dark superhero is great at hand-to-hand combat, parkour and advanced interrogation?

In the "Watchmen" series, you see Rorschach as the clear antihero and the narrator of the entire series. He doesn't believe that there is a gray area when it comes to good and bad. You're either a hero or a villain.


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